1. Word Lists

A. Parent and child word lists

1. High frequency list 1,2,3

2. Children’s writing list

B. Word lists for primary teachers

1. Simultaneous oral spelling

2. High frequency word list 1,2,3

3. Red flag word list a,b,c

2. Alphabet Songs–words/phrases

A. The letter song (tune–The Farmer in the Dell)

B. The vowel song (tune–K, K, K, Katie)

C. SenseAble® alphabet poem

3. Strategies and Resources for Teachers

A. Basic principles of SenseAble® system

B. M-powerment system

C. Scope and sequence chart

D. Lesson plan form

E. Articulation of American/English consonants

F. Consonant chart

G. Vowel chart

H. SenseAble® alphabet practice

I. Phonemic awareness basics

J. Letter boxes (printable)

K. Rhyming helper

L. SenseAble® syllable types

M. Short vowel spelling generalizations

N. Long vowel rules

O. SenseAble® vowel game stories

P. Vowel team SenseAble® boat story

Q. Metacognition: zone of proximal development

R. Scaffolding

S. C-cat diagram

T. Vowel combination practice chart

U. Spelling rules for suffixes

4. Higher Level Word Lists

A. Simultaneous oral spelling directions

B. High frequency word list 4,5,6

C. Red flag word list d,e,f

5. Assessments–Various Styles for Teacher Preferences

A. Record sheets

1. Letter sound diagnostic check list (2pgs.)

2. Alphabet assessment record sheet

3. Emergent reader inventory teacher directions

4. Emergent reader inventory record sheet only

5. Decoding inventory form A & B

6. Letter-sound associations

B. Student response sheets

1. Upper and lower letters formation

2. Letter-sound associations

C. Group profiles

1. Upper case letters

2. Lower case letters

3. Letter-sound associations Level 1

4. Letter-sound associations Level 3

5. High frequency words

D. Diagnostic spelling evaluations

1. Evaluation #1D teacher directions and group profile

2. Evaluation #2 teacher directions and group profile

3. Evluation #3 teacher directions and group profile

E. Stimulus sheets

1. Emergent reader inventory

2. Decoding inventory (Form A & B)

3. Letter-sound inventory (#1 thru #9)