Welcome to “IKnowMyABCs.com,” a pathway to the free SenseAble® Phonics System. SenseAble® Phonics is a strategic method for remembering the sound for each alphabet letter. This system provides the tools needed to develop essential reading foundational skills. Both research and evidence based, these strategies are highly effective with students of all ages and ability levels. SenseAble’s® strategies transform abstract alphabet symbols into meaningful information, building a powerful memory link between each symbol and its sound/mnemonics. The ability to automatically identify words/decode, without guessing or predicting, allows students to give their attention to reading for meaning/comprehension. SenseAble® Phonics is a skill-based tutorial style approach meant to inform and instruct. Its purpose is not to entertain. This is not a game.

        SenseAble® Phonics is a structured program which strategically builds a connection between each letter and the sound it represents/letter-sound correspondence. These phonics strategies illustrate alphabet letters embedded inside familiar pictures. Each illustration follows the shape of the letter it stands for, guiding the student to develop a simple, but powerful, memory link. This method reconstructs each alphabet symbol into a meaningful, easy-to-remember image/mnemonics. Each familiar embedded-letter picture forms a memory link from the letter to its sound. For example, letter “c” is a candy cane bent into the shape of the letter. Letter “m” is two mountains, side-by-side, to form the curves of the letter. In addition, SenseAble® Phonics incorporates “sound play”/phonological awareness activities. Guidance is given to separate/isolate letter sounds. These phonics activities help the student gain a greater understanding of the speech sounds/phonemes, which make up our language and stress how they are systematically represented by print.

        SenseAble® Phonics directly teaches, reinforces, and reviews the essential phonics skills necessary to become a successful and independent reader. Useful for all students, SenseAble’s® strategies are especially helpful to students with a weak memory. Research in education confirms the effectiveness of the embedded–letter phonics method, which SenseAble® Phonics illustrates. These explicit memory strategies/mnemonics promote rapid learning, long term retention, and independent recall. Used in dozens of school districts in the Midwest, SenseAble’s® short lessons can easily be integrated into any standard reading program or used at home. These phonics strategies can be used with groups or individuals to provide both regular and remedial instruction. When used together with a balanced reading program, spending just fifteen minutes per day using SenseAble® Phonics, will lead to remarkable reading foundational skills. SenseAble® strategies mean phonics success.

       For further study in phonics go to www.iknowmyphonics.com. For further study in vowels go to www.iknowmyvowels.com. To learn printing go to www.iknowmyprinting.com.

Peter H. Northup, O.D., M.Ed.